You can add documents to your community by uploading them in the Documents admin section in just a few steps!

  1. Click the 'Add new document' button.

  2. Fill in your document name.

  3. Give a short description on what the document is about. You can style the description text if you want, or insert links.

  4. Next step is to upload an image for your document, this is how the document will be displayed in the community. Click the 'Upload Image' button, and choose a local file, insert an external link, or choose from the other upload options.

5. Now you can upload a document, add an external link, or add a video by clicking the 'Upload Document' button. Choose a local file, or upload through the other options.

6. In the last step, you can categorize your document in the custom category you created. If you do not choose a category, it will be displayed in the general documents page in your community.  

Now click 'Save' and your document is ready for downloading! 

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