In the Event admin section, you can add events to your community. When clicking the 'Events' button in your admin dashboard, you will find an overview of all your created events. You can easily edit an event by clicking on it's name, or the edit button behind the event name. When hovering over the event name, the edit and delete button will appear in the overview:

Creating a new event:
If you want to create a new event, click the 'Add new event' button. When creating your event, there are a couple of required fields, like Name, Start date and Location.

When you've filled the fields and put in a short description of your event, you are ready to upload an image. 

Click the 'Upload Image' button, and choose a local file, or fill in an external url to the image.

When you finished uploading your image, you can choose to categorize your event by selecting a category you created.

The final step, is to publish your event. When you want to save your event as a draft, you can choose to publish your event later in the admin dashboard.

Now click 'Save' and your event is live! 

If you need any help during these steps, just click the chat icon on the bottom-right of your screen!

Best of luck!

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