We have added great new features to your community and made some improvements. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!


Zapier Integration: You can now connect your Big Dash 3.x community to 1000+ apps with our Zapier integration. For example, when a new user joins your community, you can add them to a MailChimp list, send a notification to Slack or add a task in Basecamp. The possibilities are endless. Check your admin dashboard for more details.

Event registration: Your users can now let you and the community know they are going to an event. In your admin dashboard, you can see who's going and export the participants to a spreadsheet.

We also moved the Directions button to are a more convenient place. 

Google Analytics:  You can now add your Google Analytics tracking code in the admin dashboard to start tracking your visitors.


  • People overview page now shows most active users in your community and most viewed profiles

  • Organizations on the overview page are now categorized by industry. 

  • We also added a category, "near your current location". We estimate the user's current location based on their IP address. In a future release, we will add GPS based location to improve accuracy.

  • Sending a comment is now easier on mobile phones

  • Users can now remove there own public profile. Without a public profile, a user can't post, comment or chat.

We were able to create this cool new features thanks to your valuable feedback.

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