This week have some new features and improvements for you. We have added some new options for the customer and have improved an existing feature in the community.


Open/Closed community: Via the dashboard the customer can now decide if a community should be open or closed to the public. What this means is that when a community is closed users can no longer create accounts themselves, but can only be added by the customer. Our next step will be to completely hide a closed community behind a login page.

New user management options: The customer can now add new users to the community via the dashboard. A user login can now also be changed. For example: A user doesn't have access to his/her email address anymore. The customer can now help out and change the email address for this user.

Organization detailed overview: The customer now has access to a more detailed overview of each organization in the community. From here a list of people working at the organization is also shown.

Support links: Some extra support links have been added to the side menu of the customer dashboard where you can give us feedback, go to the help center for support and checkout the current service status.


Group search filter: We have improved the community search by adding a group filter to all search bars. This includes the organizations, people, events and library page.

Let us know what you think of the new additions. And if you find a bug, let us know, we will jump right on it.

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