This week the Big Dash team added two new features, improved performance to keep your end-users happy and resolved a few bugs in your admin dashboard and community.

New features

Returning user to origin: We now return the user to the page where the user was required to log in or create an account. For example, when a visitor wants to download a document, the visitor is required to log in or create an account. The user is now returned back to the download page after completing the login or create account flow.

Send a welcome email: It's now possible to send every new user a welcome email without using the Zapier integration. You can change the subject and body of the welcome email from your admin dashboard. Sending a welcome email is disabled by default. You can find the new feature on the "Look 'n Feel" page.


Performance: We changed the way we load the individual parts of a page, which improve the time to display the whole page in your browser.

We also completed the migration of all communities to Google Cloud regions closer to your end-users.

Resolved bugs

  • Users without a profile and navigating to there own profile where not redirected to the correct page.

  • We fixed an issue in the admin dashboard where you couldn't see which group a person joined.

  • In some cases, tax amount and percentage were not shown on our invoice in the admin dashboard, but the tax amount was added to the total amount.

These new features were the result of your valuable input. Thanks! Keep your feedback coming.

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