This week the Big Dash team has added a new feature to your dashboard to manage posts and comments of end-users. We also made improvements to the Map feature that was released last week.

New Features

Managing post and comments of end-users: You can now manage the posts and comments of end-users in your dashboard. There is now an extra 'Activity' button on the end-user detail page that links to the page with posts and comments of the selected end-user. On this page you are able to delete single posts and/or comments.


Exclusively show organizations of groups on the map: We have added the possibility to only show organizations on the map of the by you selected groups. This means the end-user is still able to filter and see all the events on the map (when enabled). This new option has been added to the Map section of the Look'n'feel page of your dashboard.
Map zoom level: When opening the map in the community the map is no longer zoomed out to make sure every organizations and/or event is shown. The map will now zoom out until a set amount of markers have been shown. This prevents cluttering the map with too much markers when the map is loaded. This also increases the overall performance.
Map options checkbox colors: The colors of the checkboxes ('Show organizations' and 'Show events') have been changed from purple to the primary color of your community.

Resolved bugs

  • On the map, some organization info windows showed 'undefined' at the location info.

Let us know what you think about this new feature and improvements. What do you like and what could we improve?

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