This week the Big Dash team has added a new feature and some new improvements for your community and dashboard.

New Features

Exclusive public profiles:  You now have the option to only let end-users part of a group or groups create public profiles. You can enable and configure this feature in your dashboard on the "look'n'feel" page. When an end-user that is not part of a group tries to create a public profile in your community a new page will show that shows the joinable groups and an also show user instructions.


Publish/Unpublish library items: You can now publish and unpublish library items in your dashboard. When an item is published it will show in your community and will hide when unpublished.
Longer event titles: When creating or updating an event in your dashboard you can now fill in an event name of a maximum of 120 characters. An event card in your community can now also show up to 4 lines for the event title.

New and improved search: The search feature has been updated with suggested search results. When an end-user opens the search page suggested results will show that are based on your location. So for example any events or organizations that are near you will show up first in the results. The overall performance of this feature has also been improved.

Let us know what you think about this new feature and improvements. What do you like and what could we improve?

Have a great day! 

Richard van 't HoenderdaalChief technology officer, Big Dash

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