This week we improved posts, mandatory fields for library items and events, added access levels to organizations and added the two-factor authentication feature to your dashboard account.

Improved features

Posts: We upgraded posts with a rich text editor, the ability to add a title and an image. The improved post feature will allow you and your community members to create more quality content and increase engagement.

Mandatory field industry: We have added an extra mandatory field option that can be set when updating/creating library items and events in your dashboard. When enabled an end-user has to select one of their organizations and industry (if not yet filled in).

Organization access levels: You can now see and edit the access level of employees of an organization at the organization detail page. This way you can manage who has full rights to edit an organization and who only has the ability to view an organization.

Enable/Disable two-factor authentication for users: You now have the option to disable or enable the two-factor authentication for end-users in your community via the "Look'n'feel" page.Dashboard two-factor authentication: To make your dashboard account more secure we have added two-factor authentication to your dashboard. You can enable this at the bottom of your 'Account' page.

Let us know what you think about these changes. Anything we could improve? Just reply to this message.

Have a good weekend.

Richard van 't HoenderdaalChief technology officer, Big Dash

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