This week we made some changes to increase engagement in your community. We also smashed a few bugs.

New feature

Daily digest email for new posts: We have added the option to send daily digest emails to end-users whenever there are new posts in your community. End-users can disable to receive these emails by going to the Settings page in your community or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email.

Improved feature

Write a post: We have moved the menu button 'Write a post' to beneath the Posts menu button in the main navigation, and it will only show up when the end-user is on the Posts page. We also added a new button to write a post at the bottom right corner of the Posts page.


  • A blank page would open every time an end-user shared a post where an external app would open. This is now fixed.

  • Long links are now correctly wrapped inside of a post description.

  • Long links are now staying inside a chat bubble in a chat.

  • The free subscription plan will not show anymore when a user is already logged in.

  • When sharing a post with the Twitter app, the write post function will now correctly show up.

  • Fixed some interface issues on the create post page.

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