Hi there,

This week we made some improvements to the subscriptions feature. The subscriptions feature is not available for everyone yet, but we are close to a full release. We also improved the performance of the map feature and fixed a few smaller issues.

Arrange your plan templates: You can now rearrange subscription plan templates in your dashboard. The handlebar at the end of each row allows you to drag and drop a plan template. Arranging this order will also affect the order the plans are displayed in your community.

Syncing product pricing plans: When connecting your community with Stripe previously created product pricing plans are now also imported which makes them selectable when creating a plan template.

Redirect newly registered users: When a user creates a new account after selecting a subscription plan in your community, the user is now correctly redirected to the checkout page of the selected plan.

Map performance improvement: Zooming out on maps with thousands of markers caused the map to become extremely slow or even unresponsive. We optimized a few things and the map is now much faster.

That's it for this week. Hope you like what we're doing. Is there anything we could improve? Let us know!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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