This week, we released better search results for your users, another improvement in the registration flow and a few smaller improvements and fixes.

Better search results

Previously your users needed to be very specific with their search query to find an event, document, user or organization in your community. We improved the search algorithm to catch spelling errors and partial matches. We also made a small change in the layout to improve the distinction between items.

Improved registration flow

The change we made a few weeks ago to the registration flow did work out great for the number of new organizations created while registering. This week we removed the unnecessary 'Create user profile' screen and added this in the background while completing the 'User profile wizard'. 

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • You can now SHIFT+Enter in rich text editors for line breaks, so you don't have to start a new paragraph for everything.

  • The tagline is now shown correctly throughout the community.

  • We added the send date to the chat messages.

  • In some occasions, the email address didn't get synced with Salesforce.

  • Fixed a few translations and typos.

Next week we won't have a weekly release, because of the holidays. We will, of course, fix any critical bug if they might arise.

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