This week we released, posting from the admin dashboard including the ability to add library items or events in a post and an overview of all posts. We also fixed a few bugs in existing features.

Post overview page

It's now easier to manage posts and the related comments in your admin dashboard. Delete posts directly from the overview page or click on a post for a preview and manage the comments. You can also edit posts you or another admin created.

Add library items or events to a post

You can now create a new post that is posted on behalf of the community from the admin dashboard. You can also add one or more library items or events to the post. Below you see an example of a post created from the admin dashboard including multiple library items. A combination of library items and events is also possible.

For your convenience, you can also create a post directly from an event or library item. Clicking on the 'Post' button opens the 'Write a post' view and attaches the item to the post.

Thank you all for voting and giving us feedback. Every Monday the feedback board is an essential factor in what we decide to build next. Keep voting and keep sending us your suggestions.

Have a great day!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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