In today's release, groups getting their own navigation menu, video posts, polls with hidden results, post card re-design, and more insights in your Analytics reports.

Group navigation

Groups now have their own navigation menu. When a user navigates to a group, we replace the navigation on the left with a group-specific navigation menu. On top of the group-specific navigation menu is a link back to the rest of the community. Everything below the back button is related to the group.

Post improvements

Posts can now contain a YouTube or Vimeo video without the need to add it to the library first. We also updated the post card design, which is one of the steps towards a new design. Last but not least, when you create a poll as an admin, you now have the option to hide the results for the user.

Google Analytics User-ID

We implemented the Google Analytics User-ID feature. This will result in Analytics reports that tell a more unified, holistic story about a user’s relationship with your community.

To use this, you have to enable it in Google Analytics. If you need help setting this up, we can connect you with an implementation partner to assist you.

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