In today's release, the redesign of the home page, library, event, user profile and organization profile preview cards, the beta release of our API and improvements to the admin dashboard.

Homepage redesign

We've given the homepage a much-needed design update. We added more distinction between the sections and redesigned the library, event, user profile and organization profile preview cards, which you will also find on other pages. The homepage redesign is also the first step towards a more personalized dashboard.

API beta

The first release of our API contains endpoints to retrieve users, organizations, groups, documents and which user accessed a specific document. Only admins with the API role have access to creating API keys. Beware that an API key gives full access to your community data. More info in our API documentation. Let us know which API endpoint you would like to see next!

Other improvements

  • Admins no longer have access to the overview page when they don't have the required access level

  • When creating a new account in the admin dashboard and the email already exists, the user was not notified, and the client kept loading

  • After creating an end-user subscription in the admin, the loading indicator didn't stop while it was finished successfully. 

  • In the admin dashboard, the 'Write a Post' button didn't appear when there aren't any posts.

  • When an admin with just event read/write access tried to create an event, it failed with a permission denied error. 

  • In some occasions, an admin couldn't remove an admin role.

That's it for this year! Between Dec-24 and Jan-4 support is only available for critical issues. System monitoring will continue 24/7, and we will respond to system issues as usual. Thank you for being with us!

Happy holidays!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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