In this week's release, we added tag suggestions, the option to enable or disable credit card payment for your subscriptions and improved the aspect ratio of library item images.

Tag suggestions

To make sure your community posts can be found better we have added tag suggestions when creating or updating posts. The list of tags is sorted by popularity.

Other improvements and fixes

Setting Credit Card payment option in your admin dashboard
It is now possible to disable the Credit Card payment method for your subscriptions of your community. You can find the option on the Stripe Configuration page in your admin dashboard.

Relevant library items and events for your community posts
Relevant library items and events added to your posts from the admin dashboard are now correctly shown on the post page in your community.

16:9 aspect ratio for library item images
The size of library item images in your community has been made compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio size images. This means that from now on images uploaded from your admin dashboard will have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

That's it! Let us know if we can help you in any way. Don't forget to vote for your favorite suggestions on the feedback board and submit your own ideas.

Have a great day!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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