In today's release we have improved the end user onboarding by adding mobile number as a field and we fixed some bugs.

End user onboarding improvement

We’ve added the option to add the end user’s mobile number to the initial registration process in your community.

Enable mobile number registration field in your admin dashboard
You can enable the field on the Community Settings page under 'Create account settings' from your admin dashboard. You can also set the field as required or optional, which means a new user is required to fill in the field or has the option to fill it in.

Mobile number validationWe have also added mobile number validation per country. A user can select a country and based on the selection the correct phone format will show as a placeholder. This validation is now also applied on the mobile number field on the user Settings page in your community.

Bug fixes

  • Notification emails from your own domain now have the correct sender email address.

  • The user profile image or post image inside notification emails could appear 'squished'. This is now fixed.

  • We now validate the format of the user’s email address in the designated fields on the login page and recover password page in your community. 

That's it! Let us know if we can help you in any way. Don't forget to vote for your favorite suggestions on the feedback board and submit your own ideas.

Have a great day!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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