In today's release, we added a new library item design, added some improvements and squashed some bugs.

Library item page redesign

In our ongoing redesign process, we redesigned the library item detail page in your community. Part of the redesign is the introduction of a few new optional fields, like publication date, publishing period, language and library item type. To add your own library item types you can add them in the 'Library settings' section found on the Community settings page in your admin dashboard.

Improvements/Bug fixes

  • Organizations that have been used by community users for accessing library items are now shown as 'Lead organizations' instead of 'Linked organizations' under the 'Viewed by' section on the library item detail page in your admin dashboard.

  • The event creation date is now removed from the event page in your community.

  • Fixed issue where incorrect subgoup data was shown on a subgroup page in your community.

  • Recently joined users inside a group are now shown correctly in your community.

That's it for this release! Let us know if we can help you in any way. Don't forget to vote for your favorite suggestions on the feedback boardand submit your own ideas.

Have a great weekend!

Richard van 't Hoenderdaal
Chief technology officer, Big Dash

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