If you want to allow your customers to pay for a subscription manual by invoice, you can enable it in the Big Dash admin.

Step 1

Go to the Stripe settings in your Big Dash admin and scroll down to Manual payment. Enable the feature.

Step 2

When you have enabled the feature you are required to enter the amount of days until an invoice is due.

Step 3

If you allow customers to pay by invoice you need to add instructions to the invoice for the customer how to pay the invoice.

You can use the placeholders {{invoice_amount_remaining}} and {{invoice_number}} in your instructions.

For example:
Please transfer the amount {{invoice_amount_remaining}} within 30 days to account NL14DEM00159550211  citing {{invoice_number}} 

The instructions are only shown in the footer of your invoice and email when the user is required to make a manual payment.

When you receive a payment outside of Stripe, you need to mark the invoice as paid in the Big Dash admin. For instruction see: How to process a payment made outside stripe

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