In this release we added a new payment method, we created an overview for your invoices and resolved a few smaller issues.

Pay by invoice

When using Stripe, it's now possible to enable a third payment option for your customers, 'Pay by invoice'. The checkout flow will work just like a credit card or direct debit transaction, except the user doesn't have to pay right a way and we will send an invoice with your payment instructions to your customer. Read the instructions to enable this today!

Invoice overview

It's now easier to manage your invoices from the admin dashboard. We have created an overview of your Stripe invoices and added the ability to mark invoices as paid when a payment is received outside of Stripe. Read the instructions for details on how to process payments received outside of Stripe.

To lookup a specific invoice you can enter the invoice number. We will add sorting of columns and more filtering options in an upcoming release.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Added a few improvements to the library and event preview in the admin dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from removing your video from your profile

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