Welcome to our Quick Start guide for admins! Here we will show you how you can start with your community in just a few easy steps. If you have any questions or problems in the meantime, you can always reach us through the blue chat icon on the bottom-right of your screen in your admin dashboard

In your dashboard you can manage every component of your community (Library, Posts, Events, Users en Organizations, Look and Feel). We'll discuss the most important ones, so you can get started right away.



Here you can upload of edit documents, video's or an external url, which will be available for your users to download. When you click on 'Add new Document' you will see all mandatory fields (which are name and the document itself), after filling out these fields you can choose to add a publish date. This way you can prepare the documents in Big Dash, before publishing them. 

When creating a document, there will always be a preview on the right side of your screen. This way you'll be able to see how your users experience it.


Very much like documents, you can create events and add them to your community. Your users can register for these events if you don't make them exclusive for a certain group. When users register for an event, they can see other attendees, and you can manage/export them through your admin dashboard. When creating an event, you only need an image, a name and a date/time, and you're good to go! 

The preview window for documents, is also available for events.

Organizations and Users:

Maybe the most important part of your community, the Users and Organizations. In Big Dash we have two separate objects for Users and Organizations. A new user must always create a user-profile to join the community, but an organization profile is not mandatory. In your admin dashboard you can manage your users and organizations. You can find a single user or org through the search bar, or click on the tabs to view all users and organizations.
When clicking on a user or org, you can view and edit their data, reset a user password, add employees to organizations, or change their role. When a user creates an organization profiel, they have full read/write acces to that org's data. You can change the acces roles for employees on an organization record in https://dashboard.bigdash.community/


Look 'n' feel:

Here you can change the appearance of your community. You can change your (app)logo, primary color and the language of your community (currently English and Dutch). We are working on adding more options to 'brand' your community a bit more. 

Community Settings

In the community settings sections, we've added four tab (Site, Community, Users, and Content). We'll go over all tabs, so you can manage your community to the maximum.

In the Site tab, you can set your Google Analytics and Facebook tracking links or pixel. You can also (if you haven't done already) setup your own domain. This way the standard trial url like demo.bigdash.community could be something like yourdomain.community

The Community tab is for setting up things like your Intro message (which users will see when they create their account), Agreement Text, Welcome emails and creating a Contact page. You can also choose if you want your community to be open for everyone, or closed off. When your community is closed, you'll be automatically redirected to the login screen. So only users with a profile (you have added or already existed) have acces to the community.

On the User tab you can determine some acces rights for your users. You can turn on Two-Factor Authentication or Google Sign-in. A key feature of our community software are the Posts. In the User tab you can choose to send a Weekly Digest email to all your users, recapping all of the Posts, Item downloads and Events of that week. You can choose on which date and time you want to send the Weekly Digest.

At the bottom of the User tab you'll find the Exclusive Public Profiles section. If you have enabled Groups, you can choose to let your group members have exclusive rights to create a public profile. This means that only the members of a certain group, have the right to be seen in your community.

The content tab is all about tweaking the general features of your community. You can choose whether you want to use the Groups feature, or want to show your users on the Map. You can also set up different Event and Library item types.


We have developed several integrations for Big Dash, including links to Salesforce, Zapier, Stripe. When you want to setup one of these integrations, we're always available to help.

We've focussed on Salesforce as our standard CRM plugin, but many other system are available to connect to Big Dash. With Zapier you can connect 1000+ software applications to Big Dash.

Zapier Integration: With Zapier it is very easy to connect your community to other applications you are using, or plan to use. One of the easiest Zaps is when a new user registers in Big Dash, you can add them to a MailChimp, or send them an automated email, or maybe register them in Basecone or HubSpot. The possibilities are endless.

The first step is to get an invite for our Zapier integration. You can get the invite link and token from your admin dashboard.

When you connect Big Dash with Zapier you'll be asked for a Instance-ID and a token. You can find your Instance-ID and generate token through your admin dashboard on the Zapier tab, or click here.


We're happy to help you with any questions you might have, and are always available through the blue chat icon at the bottom-right of your screen, or click on the Chat with us button.

We always try to release new features or improve existing ones each Friday. If you're an admin you will receive our Release Notes. If an email slipped your attention, you can always revisit them in the What's new section. 

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