The group feature is available for all customers, but must be enabled in the admin dashboard, on the Community Settings page.

When enabled the Group page will be visible in the menu in your admin dashboard. From the Group page you can create a new group.

There are a few required fields, created for the visibility and explanation of your group.

You can choose to create open, closed or member groups, here are some of our options explained:

Closed Groups

You can choose to create a closed group. This way the only way to join the group is to be added by an admin. 

Open Groups

You can also create an open group, which all users can choose to join. This option is mostly used to create subcommunities by user interests, or organization types. 

Member Groups

You can connect your Big Dash community to our Stripe plugin. This way you can create groups, based on member subscriptions. This way, all users who want to join this group, must become a paying member first. Click here for more information to connect Stripe to your account. 

With the group option enabled, you can select content in your community to be exclusively available for your group. This way you can add exclusive content for paying members, or select content based on interests and linked them to your groups.

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