Last week we added a big update for your community. This includes a new user interests feature, redesigns of content overviews and more.

Categories and Subjects

With this update, categories will from now on be known as subjects.
This also means a new subject type called ‘Category’ has been added that contains all the categories that are now subjects. To learn more about subjects and how to add them, you can have a look at our article here.

User interests

Now that all existing categories have been converted to subjects we can use them for the selection of user interests. Users now have the ability to select their interests from the new ‘Select Interests’ page. After a user has selected their interests, it is then possible to show recommended content based on those interests.

This page can be accessed from:

  • The user account menu found in the header of your community has a new item called ‘Interests’ which can be accessed when a user is logged in and when there are available subjects to choose from.

  • It is also possible to show the page after a user created a new community account. This is optional and can be enabled/disabled from the Community Settings page in your dashboard.

Another new addition is the ‘Interests message box’. This box will show up in the community when a logged in user has not selected their interests yet. Currently it appears on the dashboard and overview pages.

Content UI redesign

The events, library and posts overview pages in your community have been redesigned. The following changes have been made:

  • ‘Recommended’ content based on the user’s interests is now shown.

  • For events, events nearby the user’s location are now shown.

  • When no recommended content is available, it is replaced with upcoming or most recent content.

  • For posts and the library, besides the recommended content the most recent posts and library items are always shown.

  • A new button ‘Show more events/library items/posts’ is now added at the bottom of the overviews. This button will lead the user to the search page with the selected content type. (Event, Library Item or Post)

The user interface of the community search page has also been updated. The changes are:

  • A new ‘Grid’ view has been added that shows content in ‘card’ form. This is now also the default view. Users can go back to the ‘List’ view by clicking the button next to the sort options.

  • A new sort option ‘Nearby’ has been added for nearby events and organizations.

Besides the overview and search pages the community dashboard page has also been updated. The updates are:

  • When ‘recommended’ content is available, this is shown instead of the most recent content. So for example instead of the most recent posts, recommended posts are shown.

  • For events, when a logged in user is attending any upcoming events these are shown first. So if a user is not attending any events, recommended events are shown and when there are no recommended events, upcoming events are shown.

That’s it for this release! Let us know what you think! If you like what we are doing, please leave a review on Capterra.

Thank you for being with us!

The Big Dash Team, Big Dash

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