In this week's release, we made some more improvements to your dashboard and community and also fixed some more bugs.

Joining groups

It is now possible for your community users to add organizations to a group when joining. The feature now works as follows:

  • When a user clicks the 'Join group' button a popup will be shown where the user can choose to include one or more owned organizations when joining the group. After selecting the organizations the user then clicks the 'Join group' button again which will add the user and selected organizations to the group.

  • When a user is already a member of a group a new button 'Group settings' is shown on the community group detail page. When a user clicks this button a popup will be shown where the user has the option to add or remove their owned organizations to or from the group.

  • The 'Group settings' popup will also contain a 'Leave group' button to allow users to leave the group. When clicking this button the user is also presented with the option to remove their owned organizations from the group.

Adding organizations without website

You and your community users can now add organizations without entering an organization website. Extra info text has been added to let you and your community users know that it still is important to fill in a website. The website is used to get more organization information that will be prefilled in the organization wizard and edit organization page.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Rich-Text editors now support GIF images.

  • Fixed issue where a community user could not remove his/her profile skills when the maximum amount of skills were added. 

  • Fixed issue where the URL link name of a user was not updated when a user changed his/her first or last name.

  • A new column 'published_profile' has been added to the user and organization export that can be done from your dashboard. This column shows which users and organizations have a published profile in your community.

  • It is now possible to send a temporary password and to remove two-factor authentication from an admin from your dashboard. You can do this via the 'Account' button from the admin detail page.

That's it for this week. Let us know what you think! If you like what we are doing, please leave a review on Capterra.

Have a great weekend!

The Big Dash Team, Big Dash

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