In this week's release, we added a post preview, more improvements and fixed some bugs.

Post preview

Just like for library items and events we have added a preview when creating or editing posts. This means the following:

  • The post preview is added to your dashboard and community.

  • The preview works the same way as the preview for events and library items.

  • For community users on smaller devices, the button 'Show preview' has been added that opens the preview in a popup window.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • You can now choose to hide the events feature from your community. This can be for example useful when there currently are no events to show. You can set the feature from the Community Settings page in your dashboard.

  • In your community, the plan names of subscriptions are now shown on the user's billing page.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the video thumbnail of a post would not show up in the weekly digest emails.

  • The 'Visibility' feature has been added for events. This means that you can choose to set an event to always show, show in a specific date period or set it to hidden in your community.

  • On the community events page, upcoming events are now shown when there are no events nearby.

That's it for this week! Let us know what you think! If you like what we are doing, please leave a review on Capterra.

Have a nice weekend!

The Big Dash Team, Big Dash

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