Adding Documents:

Under the Library section you can add documents, which your users can download.
Click on Documents, then click the 'Add Document' button. 

On your right hand screen a window will appear where you can add your download.
Here you can add the name and the description of your document. You can edit the text with the HTML text-editor. 

In the next step you can upload your document, by clicking the 'Choose a file' button, and select the document from your computer or from the web. That should look something like this:

In the Upload image section, you can select an image for your document which will appear in the Download section in your library. 

If you select the image, it will display like this in your library:

In the final steps you can select a Category in which the document will appear, if you haven't created any categories yet, just click 'Add Library Category' under Documents in the Library section.

If you wish to make a field required before your users can download the document, just type in the field you want and select it: 

Then just click Save, and your document is ready to download for your users!
Easy right? 

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