Creating Events:

When you've created a location you can go and create your Event. Click the Create Event button, and fill out the first form fields. Add your Event Name and the Link name. Link name should be in small notation and no spaces or symbols (example: Event name = Test Event 1, Link name = testevent1)

Choose your Location, Price and Currency. Then you can fill in your organizer, and performer (who should be in the community). Choose your start and end date (optional), and if you'd like you can categorize your event.

Next you can choose if your users should register in your community, or via an external organizer. If you want your users to register via an external party, choose Yes, and add the url. You can add maximum attendees, and add an image which will display in the community and as your event header.

In the last step you can add your event description, and simple edit text in the editor.

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