We recommend using a Wordpress page layout with the full width of the website

1. Create a new page in Wordpress and name it anything you like

2. Click on "Text" to switch the editor to Text mode

3. Copy the Big Dash code below and paste it in the Wordpress editor.

<!-- Start Big Dash code -->
<div id="bigdash-wrapper"></div>
<script>var GATEKEEPER={INSTANCEID:"<<INSTANCE_ID>>",APPEND:"bigdash-wrapper", DEFAULT_STATE:"dashboard"};</script>
<script src="https://cdnjs.bigdash.co/v3.js"></script>
<!-- End Big Dash code -->

4. Replace <<INSTANCE_ID>> with your Big Dash Instance ID. You can find the ID on the config page of the Big Dash Admin. (This ID looks like -JlG3qz1Y_EOziIrS9gK and starts with a minus sign)

5. Add the Page to your Wordpress navigation like you normally do.

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